Kangoo is a 45-minute intense cardiovascular workout that combines dance moves, running and jumping around the gym while listening to a mixture music. You wear Kangoos – unusual footwear that look like ski boots connected to egg-shaped springs providing ‘rebound exercise’, which doesn’t put as much strain on your back and joints as running.

On top of working your legs and gluts, the Kangoos are said to work your core muscles too – the ones that create those rock hard abs. After being designed by Canadian physiotherapists to reintroduce patients to exercise following injuries or surgery, Nasa quickly snapped up the rebounding concept to help train astronauts who had experienced zero gravity.

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KangooStyle Kids

BIRTHDAY PARTIES No more searching for the activities that will make your child jump for joy on their birthday, we have the solution! A KangooStyle session, the most original activity for parties...

Private Classes

Help us help you! Home training (indoor or outdoor) by a Certified KangooStyle Instructor. Assessment and personalized training according to your goals. A full hour session. Because your health is ...

Group Workout

KANGOO POWER COURSE Courses within choreographed aerobic movements. Nothing is more motivating than to train in groups to different musical styles! KANGOO BOOTCAMP Ongoing external circuit, ca...


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